Veterans of Foreign Wars             Menifee VFW Post 1956 P.O. Box 321 Menifee, CA 92586

EIN: 95-3319357- 501(c)(19) Veteran Non-Profit: C2326557


April 2020

Greetings Comrades:
The past two months has been an unprecedented challenge for  our Post members to organize and be able to complete our required schedule programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This deadly virus outbreak has introduced a high degree of uncertainty not only to our post but also to our homes, businesses, and government on a global scale. Consequently, the guidance "stay-at-home" has been called upon us to stop the spread of this infectious virus by all levels of government. Although, these restrictions were appropriately done for health reasons and to save lives, they also brought a lack of consistency to our daily schedules and opened many unanswered questions that have stimulated our anxiety by the staggering statistics constantly presented to us by the news media.

Although it is perfectly normal for us veterans to experience these unique mixed of emotions with a feeling  of helpless for not doing enough for those affected with this deadly virus, let's first focus on our self. Promote your overall health: work on hygiene, prepare healthy food dishes, watch your favorite movies, work on projects you have been contemplating, and exercise. We will get through this before you know it. On a positive note, last Friday, President Trump announced a task force to work on reopening the national economy. On this same Friday, several Governors, including California Governor Newsom, announced he was developing strategic plans to reopening the state’s economy.

As to our Post accomplishments: We are working on rebuilding the strength of our membership; approved the formation of two new committees: Memorial and Veterans Day Committee, and Veterans Car Show/BBQ Fund Raiser Committee. Although, both committees are on hold until further notice, we will resume the planning once the "Stay-at-Home” restrictions are lifted. In addition, on February 8, 2020, we held our last face-to-face general monthly meeting at Provident Bank, as well as our annual veteran and VFW Program awards recognition hosted by our Post Auxiliary at Civic Hall, Sun City Civic Association.


Even though, we are on temporary lockdown, we continue to be focus on our purpose to serve our local veterans and community at large. We are constantly searching and acquiring resources, procuring support, and keeping our expectations in check to meet our goals and objectives for our veterans. If you are an eligible combat veteran, I encourage your involvement with our post by joining our elite ranks. Our website:


Dr. Michael Cano,

Post Commander